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There have been occasions during UFO sightings, where people from all over the world have reported actually seeing or coming into contact with the actual occupants of the objects. These events are called close encounters of the fouth kind. Many different types of beings have been discribed ranging from small ugly dwarfs to human like beings. I will dedicate this page to the inspection of some of these creatures....


On an extra note i personally believe that some of these creatures could be yet undiscovered creatures of Earth that live deep underground or in cave system etc.  Also in this day and age it could be possible that certain scientists could be experimenting in creating their own creatures using genetic manipulation techniques etc




This strange creature was killed by ' Chino Zayas in a cave behind

the Peurto Rico National Guard Camp at Santiago, Puerto Rico in

1979. The photos were taken in 1980 when the creature was taken

out of the jar of Formaldehyde that it had been stored in.

The photo to the right shows the creature's skull showing clearly

where it had been hit with a fatal blow.




One of several Polaroid photographs of a creature

Filiberto Caponi repeatedly encountered outside his

home in Ascoli Piceno, Abruzzo, Italy in 1993.




    This is a sketch of the " Chupacabras " also know as

the " Goat Sucker ". It was first reported in Peurto Rico in the

1990's and is thought to be responsible for the strange deaths of

thousands of animals in the area in this period. It has also been sighted in

Brazil, Mexico and other S American states. The creature is said to have a

high pitched screech, blood-red eyes and is reported as to be able to fly

with the aid of bat-like flaps of skin under its arms.