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Greetings Earthlings...... I am CoZ here is some data gathered by the N5@ on me since my arrival here :


Name: CoZ (AKA Carl)

Arrival On Planet Earth: 02-08-1975

Approximate Current Location: Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs

Favorite Tipple: Caffereys & Stellar (lots of it) ;)



Other Info


Top Games Of All Time (In no order as they all rock in their different ways:


Street Fighter 2 (Snes)

R-Type Leo (Arcade)

Final Fantasy III (us+uk)

Zelda - A Link To The Past (Snes)

Zelda - Ocarina Of Time (N64)

Perfect Dark (N64)

Mario Kart (Snes)

Super Metroid (Snes)

Jedi Knight (PC)

Quake II (PC)

Samurai Showdown (NEO GEO)

Soccer Brawl (NEO GEO)


Favorite foodstuffs:

Pizza, Pasta, Beans on Toast, Cheese, Lasagne


Favorite Bands:


Astral Projection

808 State





Favorite Films:

The Matrix


Enter The Dragon

Mission Impossible II

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind