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CoZhq Site News





8 October 2001

Finally got round to putting a basic Manga page up will do more to it as the weeks go by.  Also added more quick nav on other pages but i aint putting them on all pages just main sections as you know where you 'back' button is ;oP - CoZ


6 October 2001


Added a 'quick nav' bar to most pages (all eventually) to make it easier to get around my site :) - CoZ


3 October 2001

Did i say i was gonna update frequently ? oops! update games section Nintendo Gamecube page with pics of Resident Evil looking kewl as!!

9 September 2001

Updated mywork page 2D section with some recent images i've done in Illustrator & photoshop while bored out of my brains at work :oP - CoZ

5 September 2001


Right slideshow is now up goto my portfolio (Contents > click on the rendered ship) or use this link to go direct (you'll need realplayer if u aint got it use the link to download it - CoZ

OOO! you say he's got off his arse & done some more to his site! ;oP  been a bit distracted lately with Diablo 2, life stuff and generally not enough hrs to do what I want to do! i'll try & set some time to do regular updates but don't hold yer breath ;o)  This little update is a slideshow of my images just sorting it at the mo as im off ill COUGH!, SNIFF! - CoZ


24 July 2001

Updated the pics page with pictures from Christmas Eve 2001 kindly donated by our chief photographer Mr Kelly aka Neil :) prolly chuck some more up there when i have time/can be bothered to scan em in - CoZ


14 July 2001

Couple of new pics on the pics page after i had a route around under my bed this morning :) - CoZ


10 July 2001

Put some pictures up on the NEO GEO page & Master System page of the Games section, also added a picture of my mate Lee to the pics/beer page ;op - CoZ


8 July 2001

Added more to the games section on the GBA page - CoZ


7 July 2001

Added alot of drawings etc to the 2D page in my work/portfolio section Jeysus i wish it would bloody rain!!! - CoZ

Big update on the Games section main structure up and images etc on psx, gamecube & other pages more to come - CoZ


6 July 2001

Updated Ghosts page in the Paranormal section, also started new frontpage to the Games page - CoZ


2 July 2001

Added Gillian Anderson pics to babes page aaight! ;o)  Also added Ghosts page (no content as yet) - CoZ


1 July 2001

Updated Paranormal page & toonz page all links should now work :o) also updated beer/pictures page  - CoZ 

Added more babes to the babe page ;)


30 June 2001

Paranormal page now up in progress of sorting links most should work - CoZ


28 June 2001

Updated Babes page added Carmen Electra & Shauna Sands, also added Coming Soon... page.  Enjoy - CoZ


26 June 2001 (Additional Update)

Right the contents image map now links to my new pages :)   so far the babes page is up with some pics & as i mentioned before the paranormal page is up but no content as yet, i'll prolly sort it when i can spend a day on it...  -  CoZ


26 June 2001

Started to implement the new pages starting with the paranormal page, just trying to sort a rough structure to the site to build upon.

I'll update the paranormal page and stick a few other pages up so that the contents image map links are all sorted to fresh new pages and don't link to my old fortune city site. - CoZ


18 June 2001

Re-designed the frontpage to my sight as the other one was a bit crappy IMHO.  Also put up an 'about me' page for any interested  psychiatrists out there...

im gradually sorting each page one by one as i go so keep coming back to check as it's gonna take me a while to sort out all the links from the old site to this one and to generally tidy it up a bit... See you laters (yes i mean you there still up at this hour.... laters - CoZ


12 June 2001

Done a bit more work, the news link  (as u can tell by reading this)  works and also the contents link works although you may encounter broken links due to the crossover to this host i'll sort em out as i go improving if i have time - CoZ


11 June 2001

Started building site from scratch again after moving from Fortune City due to major add overload they actually started to put advert pages in between my site pages which p****d me off so this is my new home for now.... hehe  :o)

stick with it cause i will be shoving the old site in the yewt and moving it over here as soon as i can sort it out.

I hope to actually update this site and will prolly set a day/night in the week aside for just such activities

hope you like it - CoZ