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Below are a selection of photographs taken around the globe of UFO's.....



These two photographs were taken by the famous George Adamski.

They were taken through a 6-inch reflector telescope at Palomar Gardens,

California on December 13 1952.

They are supposed to show " Venusian Scoutcraft ".





This (right) is a still from an 8mm movie film taken by George Adamski,

in the prescence of Madeleine Rodeffer and others at her home in Silver Spring,

Maryland on February 26 1965. The craft was estimated to be 27 feet in diameter by an

optical physicist. Also note the strange distortion effect on the right hand side of the object.




A polaroid photograph taken by

Carroll Wayne Watts on June 11 1967.

It is estimated to be 100ft in length


Gabriel Green published this photo in

the late 1960's. date/time etc not known


Science journalist, Bruno Ghibaudi

photographed this object on the shores

of the Adriatic at Pescara in Italy in April 1961



These two photographs are from a series of photos taken by Paul Villa in 1963





Photograph (right) submitted anonymously to Italian magazine

Domencia del Corriere, on June 23 1963



Three more photos from Paul Villa in 1963 near the town of Peralta south of Albuquerque, New Mexico...



This photo shows, according to Villa, a demonstration

of the crafts powers, by its occupants. A brilliant beam

was shot at the ground causing the cloud of smoke

(up and left of the back of the truck)


The same craft at a distance of 1/4 of a mile away

from the camera as estimated by Villa

Note the out of focus foliage in the foreground

suggesting that it is not a small hanging model


Same craft again this time it flipped

onto it's side with the lower part rotating






Aerial craft (above) projecting beams of light photographed on March 23 1974 during a wave of sightings in France




These photographs are just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of photographs of these objects have been snapped over the years.

Some will most certainly be fakes and most are of day to day aerial objects under unusual conditions. But take these away and you are still left

with a large quantity of photographs some which have been examined by expert labs such as Kodak and other experts in the field of optics and photography 

and have been declared genuine with no sign of tampering. I don't wish to force my views and theories onto you, I just ask you to examine the 

photographs shown and make your own mind up.....



CoZ 2001